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Tuesday, 12 November 2019
CRAZY JOHN (Volume I) English Version


 AGATHOS LOGOS Publication's new release of CRAZY JOHN's Best Seller (in Greek edition) now available in English!




Strange manipulated games and provocative imposed letters create havoc on Mt. Athos.
(The behind the scenes activities that preceded the epistle of the Holy Community,(the administrative committee of Monastic Community Mt. Athos), concerning the Pope.
(27/1/07 15:05)
There is extensive talk between the Monks of Mt. Athos concerning rumors that the contents of the letter prepared by the three member committee on the Dogmas were tampered with. By Dionysius Makris The “watered down” contents and the comments of the letter of the Holy Community of Mt. Athos concerning the events that took place in the Patriarchal Church of St. George on November 30, the feast day of St. Andrew, (The feast day of the Throne of the Ecumenical Patriarchate), the participation, that is, of the Pope in the Divine Liturgy and the honors bestowed on him within the Church, caused a storm of protests and negative comments. It must be reminded that the Holy Community tried to calm down the serious objections that were created, in and out of the Monastic Community, by the visits of the Pope to Constantinople and of Archbishop Christodoulos to Rome. It is indicative that the epistle of the Holy Community is a far cry from the epistle composed by tens of Mt. Athos Monks and the epistle delivered by the three member committee on Dogmas, while at the same time it is being said that this epistle was published after, behind the scenes, agreement with Constantinople.  

The particular historical differences between Rome and Orthodoxy
(25/1/07 21:08)
The following text is taken from the book “Letters to Fr. Aristotle”, by Frank Schaeffer, Letter 23, pages 161-167. (Regina Orthodox Press, 1995). It refers to the ecumenism movement and especially to the development of the relations between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches. Dear Fr. Aristotle In answer to your last letter, it seems to me that there are three insurmountable problems regarding an Orthodox union with Rome. Unfortunately, many Orthodox seem only to be aware of the first of these. (1) The particular historical differences between Rome and Orthodoxy related to the Schism which culminated in A.D. 1054 were the filioque, as well as papal supremacy and claims to universal jurisdiction. (2) The fundamental and profound theological, liturgical and philosophical differences between the Latin West and the Greek East lie at the heart of all the East-West disputes. Our two very different worldviews amount to a profound difference in the way reality and Truth are perceived. The West trusts reason and dogma. The East trusts divine mystery and the individual’s intuitive spiritual intellect to which Truth is revealed by grace through a process of ascetic struggle. The West concentrates on what one believes. The East concentrates on what one is. To the West worship is an intellectual, creedal exercise. To the East worship is the heart of theological expression and leads to communion with God. The West studies the Scriptures. The East prays them. The West trusts human authority to lead the Church, The East trusts the Holy Spirit and the priesthood of all believers.  

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